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Labour disabilities

Don’t you agree to a Security Social resolution of medical leave? Do you need to sue in Social Courts to obtain a permanent disability pension or a detailed medical report to submit to the Court?


Tell us your situation and our team of experts will get you the best possible settlement.  

Traffic accidents

Have you been injured in a car accident as a pedestrian, driver, passenger or occupant? Consult us! Our team is at your disposal to handle your settlement.


We are independent of any insurance company and we get paid by a commission only if we win your case.  

Labour law - layoffs

Labour problems?


Contact us before signing any forms and we will tell you how to proceed.

We resolve your problem and if we win your case, you’ll pay us a percentage.

Medical malpractice

Are you a medical negligence victim? Have you suffered irreversible damage by hospital staff?


If you think that you have been a major medical error subject, do not resign yourself. We are willing to help you.  

Insurance claims

If your insurance carrier refuses to pay a financial compensation or if you disagree with the liquidated damages amount, talk to us!

We can help you resolve your problem and you won’t pay until the end of the procedure.

What our customers say:

I was entitled to a partial permanent disability that was refused by Security Social. I contacted Acomisionabogados and they got all of it, they managed my case rapidly and without charging anything after the end of the process.  

   Carlos López. Madrid

I had a car accident in Málaga, my husband drove and I was sitting beside him. Our insurance company refused to pay even though we had an insurance cover for passengers.  

Acomisionabogados sued the insurer and I achieved a 75.000€ compensation payment.

   Ana Diez Rubio. Malaga


I had been working as a sales manager in an important textile factory for 17 years.

They decided to fire me because I didn’t accept a change of residence but I dissented from the settlement offered.

Acomisionabogados negotiated a deal with the company on my behalf and I get the compensation that I wanted in a short space of time.

   Arturo Fresnedilla Gómez. Pozuelo (Madrid)

I was injured in an accident at work that made me remain at hospital for months.

The company didn’t bear the costs, they argued that the accident was occurred during on off-hours but this was not true.

Acomisionabogados were essential in order to induce the company to admit the facts. In the end, the company settled all these obligations.

I am very grateful for all the cooperation and support I have received.

   Ricardo Heredia Lances. Villalba (Madrid)

I had a facial surgery because I wanted to do some right things with my image. Things did not turn out as expected and I sank into a deep depression.  

I found a fantastic support on Acomisionabogados, they demonstrated to courts, through medical expert assessment, that I didn’t have surgery under the appropriate conditions and they got me a 67.000€ compensation payment.

I was very happy with their performance, both lawyers and doctors.

   Luisa Maria Fernández. Madrid